We provide dignity to homeless persons by offering the opportunity to work for pay to help beautify the City of Detroit.

“Work is fundamental to the dignity of the person.” - Pope Francis

Better WAY Detroit™ engages, pays, feeds, and counsels homeless persons, and connects them to services for housing, medical, and/or mental health.

They help beautify our beloved city in return. They clear Detroit parks and neighborhoods of trash and overgrowth to make them safer, and they provide assistance for projects of special importance to local communities.

Better WAY Detroit™ is a new initiative of the priests of the Detroit Oratory of St Philip Neri, which serves the homeless from Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Detroit.

The priests of the Detroit Oratory began the project by their own financial means and with the donation of others. These donations are essential to continuing the program, as requests for assistance continue to grow.

Please take a few minutes to view the video below; it helped us launch the program and tells our story. Further down the page, the video featuring Mitch Albom expounds our narrative, pointing to our more recent neighborhood work.

As you learn more about Better WAY Detroit™, consider supporting this program. Help us in any way you can to bring dignity through work to Detroit’s homeless.


Take Action

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Those who wish to monetarily support Better Way Detroit can make cash donations in two ways: 

1) You can also use the secure donation app included below.  Your credit card information will be processed by PAYPAL and held strictly confidential.

2)  You can make a check out to Better Way Detroit. Afterward, mail the check to:
Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 

5930 Woodward Ave. 

Detroit, MI 48202

Attn: Better Way Detroit

If you are unable to make a cash donation, donations of time and other resources can be extremely valuable as well. Please contact us at betterwaydetroit@gmail.com.

Lastly, and most importantly, your prayers are always welcomed! There is no better support!

Please help us. God bless you!

Better WAY Detroit™ is a tax-exempt organization under IRC section 501(c)(3) and your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

Better WAY Detroit was recently featured on Mitch Albom’s “The Heart of Detroit” Television Program.  Please take a look at our recent work in helping to clear City neighborhoods of trash and overgrowth to make them safer. 



The Detroit Oratory

(From Left to Right) Frs. Marko Djonovic, Daniel Jones, and Ryan Adams

(From Left to Right) Frs. Marko Djonovic, Daniel Jones, and Ryan Adams

Better WAY Detroit is an initiative of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. The Detroit Oratory is a family of priests and brothers gathered in Jesus Christ, striving to live the Gospel by the spirit of St. Philip Neri, which includes seeking new ways to improve the lives of the poor in our midst.

Better WAY Detroit collaborates with the Detroit Mayor’s Office, which connects us with city residents whose properties are blighted; we remove affected blight. As we go forward it is our intent to look at other ways to serve the city with the help of the homeless. In the months ahead we encourage you to return to this website to learn more. 

We thank you for your interest in Better WAY Detroit. God bless you and your family!